HEIRS who need to tackle challenges associated with a recently acquired home, from sorting to selling

“Bridget helped me clean out my childhood home shortly after my father passed away. Her work ethic is second to none. She efficiently and effectively sorted, organized and helped me pack 47 years worth of items in less than one week! I was equally impressed with Bridget’s emotional sensitivity, sense of humor and honesty in helping me with this difficult task.

I trusted Bridget completely to work independently when I was busy with work and family commitments. I later hired her to help clean out and organize my own home, and look forward to engaging her services in the future. She is the best!”

— Jane H.​​ (Overwhelmed Daughter)

“I can’t say enough about Bridget. My go-to person for her amazing organization/design skills. She has helped me on many projects. Decorate my summer place, mostly with furniture I already had, but helped move it around so that it looks fantastic. Also showed me how to use my art work to add color to a room.

Four very long days helping me go through my mother’s house which I inherited. I had been dreading the job and had a lot of emotions around it. Having Bridget there made it a delightful experience. She went through all of the possessions and helped me sort out what to keep, see to an auction house and what to donate. She is trustworthy, hard-working, very easy to be around, and knows how to gently push. I highly recommend her.”  

— Madeline P. (Business Woman, Household Manager of Children, Husband and Dog)

EMPTY NESTERS wanting to reclaim their space and make it their own again

“A master organizer using a tactful, compassionate approach to moving things around or moving things along. Bridget saved my life!”

— Cilla F.  (Busy)

MOVERS seeking help moving and adjusting to a different-sized home by packing, throwing out, giving away, and creating a cohesive flow in their new space

“During the move, I was in charge of making sure the movers placed the boxes and loose items in the correct rooms. As it was quite late when we were moved in and all of us were tired, I went to work the next day expecting to come home to help unpack.

To my surprise, Bridget had emptied all the boxes and placed everything in their respective places. Not only the respective places, they were in the ‘Right Places’…” 

— Dave H. (Hardworking Confused Husband)

“I couldn’t have moved out of my house of 15 years without Bridget. I never knew I had collected so much stuff over the years, and she made me feel so comfortable in getting rid of so many things that I didn’t need. Organizing, and boxing up items made the total job worry free. I was able to walk away for hours at a time knowing that she cared about me and my belongings. She made me realize that less really is more. Thanks Bridge, you’re there for my next move!”  

— Beth P. (Interior Designer, Dog Walker, Collector)

“Moving into a new house can be so overwhelming, but with Bridget’s skills I felt at home in one day. She is a quick study in a person’s tastes and needs and that makes all the difference.”  

— Julie H. (Woman with Impeccable Taste)

HOME SELLERS aiming to streamline and to “stage” their place for optimal presentation

“Without her help, there is no way my house would have sold. Bridget’s staging did the trick. I hired her again to help with my new place. She transformed my house into a home.”

— Suzi A. (Successful Realtor)

EVENT COORDINATORS preparing for a special gathering and needing to reconfigure space and help execute the vision

“She saved the day by helping my client navigate through an awesome amount of furniture and memorabilia no longer needed.’ Some items were recycled, some tossed, some given away. Bridget’s decisive, but diplomatic way of handling the situation definitely cleared the way to a successful interior design project.

She has an experienced eye and a firm, but gentle manner. Bridget is truly amazing and gets the job done! I highly recommend her to help you declutter and organize your personal or professional space.”

— Sandra M. (Interior Designer)

HOMEKEEPERS looking for a general makeover: decluttering, repurposing, and my favorite word – purging

“I keep her on retainer! A few times a year she comes to straighten out the ‘piles’ that tend to grow when you have a full-time job and three children. At times it was so overwhelming, but she didn’t skip a beat and transformed my home back to order.”

— Auds D. (Juggling Mother)

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