We offer a wide range of home organizing services and provide free initial consultation to assess the most cost-effective approach to achieve your goal.

Moving? Downsizing? Spring overhauling? dMuddle is about creating order in your home and life. Clearing out the clutter and organizing to ultimately give you peace of mind. Chief organizer Bridget has been transforming homes in need of a little TLC for more than 20 years.

“Everything has a place. I’m a big fan of reworking existing items in the home to create a fresh uncluttered look and feel. It ties in with organizing everything from kitchen drawers to garages, to complete homes.”

Like each client, what we provide is a custom experience that takes into consideration how one lives and then understanding what he or she would like to achieve. Rates vary depending on the need, but a typical daily rate is $400. We also offer hourly rates for smaller projects. Please contact us to see what services are right for you. 207.251.2144



Those who need to tackle challenges associated with a recently acquired home – from sorting to selling

“Bridget helped me clean out my childhood home shortly after my father passed away. Her work ethic is second to none…” Read more
— Jane H. (Overwhelmed Daughter)


Those who want to reclaim their space in their home after the young chicks have moved out

“A master organizer using a tactful, compassionate approach to moving things around or moving things along. Bridget saved my life!”
— Cilla F. (Busy)


Those aiming to streamline and to stage their homes, from start to finish

“Without her help, there is no way my house would have sold. Bridget’s staging did the trick. I hired her again to help with my new place. She transformed my house into a home.”
— Suzi A. (Successful Realtor)


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The word dMuddle is not in the dictionary but if it were… When things are muddled, murky, confusing, in a state of disarray and chaos, it only stands to reason that the opposite would be a tidy and organized state — dMuddled

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